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About the NAACP

Corpus Christi

Learn about our President, Committees, and Members-At-Large

Jeremy L. Coleman, NAACP President

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Jeremy Coleman serves as President and chairman of the Corpus Christi region of the NAACP. In his capacity, he works closely to oversee the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination within his community in addition to providing extensive programs, and overseeing operations and budget.


With over 13 years of senior management and professional development in leadership, Coleman has played an integral role in the development of minority leaders in various roles. Jeremy is a graduate of Richard King High School and is completing his BA degree at Southern New Hampshire University. He holds a certificate in Quickbooks Management from Del Mar College,

completed a Christian Biblical Discipleship for Leadership program; and currently pursuing a Certificate in Diversity and Cultural Leadership from Cornell University. 

Human Resources and HR Management are vital to the success of an organization and company Coleman believes. His career for the past 13 years has been in human resource management and community service. In his current role in keeping with the charge of our civil rights founders, he stands against all forms of injustice; and fights for justice until all, without regard to race, gender, creed or religion enjoy equal status.


Jeremy is very active in his local church and is passionate about community service. His roles as a current and past board member within Coastal Bend include the following:

· Regional Transportation Authority, Board of Director

· Women’s and Men’s Health Clinic, Board of Director

· Art Museum of South Texas, Board of Director

· Brooks Chapel Development Center, Past Chairman


Jeremy spends the majority of his time reading and studying historic civil rights cases and ways to improve his local community. Coleman comes from a family of civil rights community leaders, Earl J. Coleman (father) and Raymond Coleman (uncle).


It’s a fact that Coleman believes and stands on “The Most Important Requirement” as a leader is that they (leaders) are faithful, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, true, and unfailing.

Meet the Team


Jeremy L. Coleman 

President/ Legal Redress Chair 

DeAnna King 

Second Vice President/Political Action Chair 

Curtis Clark

Vice President

Tenika Heslip 


Thea Cain

First Vice President//Youth Works Chair

Conner Rice 

Assistant Secretary

Goldie Upshaw-Wooten 


Ashton Habluetzel 

Assistant Treasurer

Dr Angela Portis-Woodson 

Freedom Fund Director 

Dr Tammy Donaldson

W.I.N. Committee Chair

Sylvia Tryon 

Historical Committee Chair/Juneteenth Chair  

K.D. Logan

Veterans Affairs Chair

Denise Woodson 

Education Chair

Meet the Team


Omar Davis 

K.D. Logan

Pamela Simms 

Rev. Bennel Jackson

Deborah Varnar 

Priscilla Cambric

Alice Upshaw-Hawkins

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